Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's my bday!! Yay!

I love my bday. My bday week (month) started off yesterday with a cake, muffins, fruit, juice, balloon, flowers and present from Denise. So thoughtful. Have already been overwhelmed with the outpouring of texts, calls, emails and messages this morning from friends and family making this day extra special. I love my bday!

Jason has something sneaky planned. He's been working on something for a few weeks and I finally get to see what it is tonight. We're going to dinner w our parents then back to my condo for cake and the unveiling of his masterpiece. Him and dad are off tooling around today working on something. They make me laugh. He makes me feel incredibly special.

I'll never forget sitting with mom at the Gator Bowl luncheon last New Years Eve. At the VIP table, listening to Coach Bobby Bowden speak, eating our steak, she leans over to me and says, this is how the new year is starting, can you even imagine what's in store for this next year?

Beyond my wildest dreams is what's been in store for this past year. Amazing job that I've already had more success at than I imagined. A man who is more than I ever expected to find. A beautiful place of my own that I call home. New friends, old friends, new family, my amazing family....my cup is flooding over!

This time last year I was surrounded by my family in KY. Was great being with them but my mind was busy with questions of what my 31st year would bring. A job? A man? Independence? Yes, yes and yes. Now my mind is swirling with hopes and dreams and wishes for my 32nd year. I'll wait to make those wishes as I blow out my candles but I'm pretty sure God has been working out the details long before I dreamed them.

I'm 32. I'm blessed, loved, taken care of and spoiled rotten by the people in my life. I am a very happy girl!

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