Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's time for some good news...

I've been talking lately about the hard and hurt. It's time to talk about the things I love and there's plenty. 

This girl. Met her, hit it off immediately over complimenting each other's accessories and quickly became the best of friends. She's one of the sweetest people I know, she's up for any adventure and she love life. Jesus shines thru her and I love all the life we're living together.  We wine taste, we talk, we cry, we laugh, we shop, we eat fancy dinners together. God knew I needed someone to get me thru and he sure delivered in a fancy way!  

Walking home everyday whether it's been a good day of frustrating, I have a wall that immediately makes me smile. It's a wall that has my whole heart on display and it's a happy place to come home to. 

Music moves this girl. Speaks to me on so many levels. I love that when I'm feeling content, worried, anxious, excited or peaceful, there's always a song for that. And that that my friend knows the words to every song on my playlist and sings her heart out with me. 

Jewelry makes me happy.  So many beautiful choices to fit so many different moods. 

Wine, self explanatory! 

Shoe closests that house the highest, sexiest, collection of stilettos, wedges, booties and more. 

My Bible that I jump into everyday, encouraging books that new friends thought enough of me to send, my laptop where I am free to get out my thoughts and more. 

I love that words speak to me. I love that words can speak for me. I love that I can have no idea how I feel and then write it out and feel whole again. I love that from me sharing others feel something. 

I have a beautiful life. I am making memories everyday and I'm thankful. I'm truly thankful that right now, I have all I need. And I know as I grow, God will continue to take me to places I've never imagined. 

I love that butterflies still surround me,
Circle me and remind me that thru struggle, darkness and time, you become more beautiful than the ugliness of the cocoon that bound you. 

I'm a blessed girl with a fab life and I'm just loving loving the fab things I love! 

Mwah!  Hope you each have a list of things that make you smile, make you think and make you better! 

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