Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy bday to me, I shall now start lying about my age

So clearly music plays a huge role in my life. Certain songs just hit you where you need it and I heard this song on my way home tonight. I had kind of a 31 bday meltdown. But then I was overwhelmed with love and birthday wishes and some suprises that made my day. I heard from people I expected to that made me smile and laugh and heard from some others that made me cry. I was just really shown today how much I have to be thankful for.

I'm blessed. I'm so very thankful for the people in my life who hold me accountable, who pray for me, who encourage and love me. Thank you all for making my birthday so special. And as a dear friend told me, I'll put on my highest heels, dangliest earrings and be ready set go for this brand new year ahead of me!

Mark Shultz "He will carry me"

I call, You hear me
I’ve lost it all
And it’s more than I can bear
I feel so empty
You’re strong
I’m weary
I’m holdin’ on
But I feel like givin’ in
But still You’re with me

And even though I’m walkin’ through
The valley of the shadow
I will hold tight to the hand of Him
Whose love will comfort me
And when all hope is gone
And I’ve been wounded in the battle
He is all the strength that I will Ever need
And He will carry me

I know
I’m broken
But You alone
Can mend this heart of mine
You’re always with me

And even though I feel so lonely
Like I’ve never been before
You never said it would be easy
But You said you’d see me through The storm

-And with that I'm going to bed! Goodnight all, this 26 year old is tired!

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