Thursday, November 5, 2009

heart on sleeve

My heart on my sleeve....sigh
I'm tired of judgemental people. Who's decision is it what car I drive? If I spend time in KY spending time with family and helping out with Nana if need be when I'm not working? Are you allowed to judge me because I don't have a job and you think I should? Because I am dating a guy you don't approve of? Because I online date? Let me answer those questions for you...No, you aren't! It's MY choice. MY decision. MY life. I appreciate everyone that plays a role in it from friend, to family to confidant. But life is hard enough without worrying about what other people think about my life and how I live it...IF you send out HUNDREDS of resumes and don't get a call then we'll talk. If you have an exhusband who screwed you up in the head then we can talk. If you have been single for more than a hot minute IN THE PAST FIVE years then we can talk about how hard it is to date. If you have dated someone who mistreated you but you still care for then we can talk. If you have left your home, your comfort zone, your friends and family to go somewhere you don't always feel yourself but have a heart to be there for those you love, then....we can talk. Otherwise, just be my friend. Tell me about your life when I ask. Tell me about the exciting things that have happened, the disappointments you've faced, the new perfume you found, show you can't get enough of or song you can't stop listening to.I'm doing the best I can. If you have a differing opinion how bout you talk to me about it before casting judgement. I will extend the same courtesy to you.NOW, tomorrow I am hoping that I will get to blog about something fun. Like shoes, or men or purses. That is something I'm pretty sure we can all agree on.I'm blogging to get it out of me so I don't become a bitter, unloving person. My heart is a perma fixture on my sleeve. And I'm ok with that. If you aren't, it's ok. I'll just blog about it tomorrow!

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