Sunday, June 24, 2012


I don't believe in Karma.  I believe in something much bigger.  Much more powerful than karma.  Karma is for sissies.  Karma is for people who believe they can live life however they want and blame the bad things that happen to people on karma.  Not me.

Life has been hard lately.  One person is making our life as hard as it she can.  Karma isn't going to get her.  I don't believe that.  I believe that something much bigger will intervene. I believe that when you spend your time and energy on bad, bad will happen.  I believe that when you focus on good, good will happen.  Will bad things happen?  Sure they will.  Because life happens.

God is working in my life.  Yesterday I was discouraged because work has been hard.  It's not because of karma that I haven't gotten sales.  In the real world things happen that don't always go the way we want because things outside of our control are always at play.  Satan is ALWAYS looking for an in.  Satan is ALWAYS looking for someone he can use to do his evil work.  His people are working overtime in our lives right now.  So be it. 

On the way to work yesterday I prayed that I would be encouraged.  I needed it.  Got to work and was met with a beautiful email sent to the owner of my company and my boss telling them about a homeowner's experience with me.  It made me cry.  As I was drying my tears, another homeowner dropped off a letter they asked me to send to the owner of my company and my boss.  Telling them about the great experience I had given them buying their home.  Encouraged!!  Not through sales, through kindness.  The sale came today.  In the form of a family looking for a home that walked out of my office 3 hours later with a home they will call their own.  That wasn't karma coming my way.  That was God coming my way. 

I came home to a beautiful family.  I lost a family before.  That wasn't because of karma.  That was because I married a man that chose to find another person while we were still married.  I married a man who had the same fate.  We found each other.  Not because of karma.  Because God saw 2 people who had enough battle scars and wounds to be able to come together to fight their way through life, together, building a beautiful life with each other. Without ever giving up on each other, or going outside of our marriage vows when times get tough.  Karma had nothing to do with it.  It was God.

Tonight it was said that I didn't have a baby of my own because of karma.  Wrong again, sister.  I haven't had a baby of my own, yet, because God is at work for much bigger things in my life.  Had I not had a miscarriage I know my life would be much different.  I'd have forever been attached to a man that was not a good person and who made life so incredibly difficult. I didn't understand it during that loss but I see it clearly now.  God was saving me sharing the experience of being a mom with the most incredible man I have ever know.  Karma has nothing to do that.  God has everything to with it.

I want to caution you about playing games with God.  Simply, He doesn't play games.  Ever.  Have I made bad decisions in my life?  Of course.  More than I'd like to think about or care to admit.  What have I done to grow as a Christian?  I've taken the bad influences out of my life.  I've gained a personal, real, living relationship with Christ.  Am I ashamed of how I've handled life at times?  Of course. 

A good friend reminded me of this tonight. 1 John 1:9 "God does not hold grudes for poor decisions and actions that we have made, He has forgiven us if we have asked for it."  She reminded me also that everything I am going through is part of God's plan for me and not, in fact, a result of karma.

I don't know why life is so hard right now.  It's outside people making it hard for us.  They are running from their bad choices and trying to project that onto me.  That won't happen.  God has a divine plan for me.  For Jason.  For our kids.  For ALL our kids.  The ones we don't have yet, that are only a dream and a hope that we pray for daily.  God has placed that in our hearts.  And we will have that.  Not because of works or deeds or karma.  Because God is leading our hearts, minds and life.

I'm blessed because when someone goes out of their way to cut me down, I have enough loving, real people in my life to remind me what to cling to.  Hope. Truth.  Love.

God has brought me where I am.  Nothing more, nothing less.

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