Monday, July 16, 2012

It's IVF time in the Neu Casa

It's here.  It's time.  IVF. Hormones. Triplets. Shots. Appointments.  Scans.  Bloodwork. 
Here we go...

The next few weeks should be mostly tame as far as hormones and schedules go.  I'm on the pill for 3 weeks.  This whole fertility treatment thing boggles my mind.  I'm taking birth control pills the month before I try to get pregnant.  When I was trying IUI a few months back I was taking meds that are used for breast cancer treatment.  I'm taking a shot everyday, twice a day, that I've been taking for a year now that is used for diabetes that helps me ovulate.  And people wonder why I'm crazy?  It's a puzzler!

For those who want the reader's digest version of what the next 6 weeks will entail, here it is.  For those of you who don't, you're dismissed.

Now- Birth Control so that they can control my cycle and with my PCOS and my susceptibility to getting ovarian cysts, the pill helps keep those at bay.

3 weeks- Baseline scan to make sure I have no cysts

week 4- baseline ultrasound, if all clear then I start the 10,000 shots a day that will turn me into a raging ball of crazy.  Those meds kind of turn off my reproductive system, then they give me a bunch of shots (actually Jason will be giving me all these shots) that restarts my reproductive system and then they manipulate it to grow follicles (eggs) really quickly and controlled.  I will go for appointments 4 times that week for scans and bloodwork.

week 5- If all goes as planned then they will surgically retrieve the eggs that have grown and matured with the meds (did I mention I will be bloated and angry and emotional during this?  No?  I will be) Jason will have some surgery done and a day or so after that I will have embryos transferred. 

Then we wait. 

I've struggled with whether to post about this.  Me show restraint?  HA!  On one hand I let things out through this blog, people pray for us, support us and encourage us and it's a beautiful thing.  On the other hand we run the risk of, "Are you pregnant yet?"-"Did it take?"- "They are transferring how many embryos?  Are you going to be Octomom?"  It's a risk I'm willing to take.  The encouragement is nice and the prayers are needed and most greatly appreciated.

SO- we have a whacked out story on this baby making process, but, we have a story none the less that will at some point end with a baby or more that Jason and I have dreamed of, prayed for and loved into existence.

Thanks for standing in prayer with us as we start on this journey.  Blessed because we have God, each other, family and friends cheering us on.

Oh and if you see Jason over the next 6 weeks, give him a hug. I'm sure he's going to need it dealing with me!

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