Sunday, July 29, 2012

Babies in a bowl

The other night I was talking to Nana explaining to her that my meds schedule was probably going to change as the pharmacy didn't have one of the meds I needed.  So instead of starting my meds in 2 weeks, I start them tonight. (You've been warned.)  I was talking to her and the girls were in the car with me so I know they heard a one sided conversation about meds and shots and blah blah.  Got home and Jason and I decided to have a family talk and explain to them what the next month would kind of look like.  A asks me all the time when I'm going to be pregnant and I keep telling her we're praying about it and hopefully soon but as we are jumping in now we decided it best to tell them.

Conversation goes a little like this. 

Jason: "We are trying to have a baby and we're getting closer but have to do it a little different than normal. (I'm not sure they know the normal way and this was so completely not a conversation I ever expected to have with children, I let him take the reigns.  I'm nice like that.) Missy is going to start taking some meds that are going to make her a little more crazy than normal.  She may cry and be quiet or may yell a little and she will probably be hot and kind of moody and may cry a lot.  I will be giving her a lot of shots in her belly and then she will have surgery and they are going to take her eggs out.  Just like Chickens have eggs so do woman.  (I'm dying at this point.)  And then they are going to suck out the eggs and then put them in a bowl (He skipped right over his part of this whole thing) and once the eggs become babies then they will put them into Missys belly."

A looks at Jason, K and I and says "You're going to have a baby, in a bowl?  (Total Sweet Home Alabama moment, You have a baby, in a bar?!) Daddy no way."  Then she looks at K and she ever so slightly nods her head in affirmation as Jason had already kind of explained it to her, that yes, we were going to grow babies in a bowl.  Bowl, petri dish, tube...whatev!  Then she wanted to know since Jason had to give me shots in my stomach if he only lifts my shirt enough to see where to do the shot.  K says, "A, they are married.  He helps her in the shower and stuff."  Hilarious. 

So the kids know that I'm going to be taking meds that Jason gives me in the stomach, that in a few weeks they will suck eggs out of me and then grow a baby or 2 in a bowl to then be placed in my belly.

This is one heck of a baby story we've started. 

I'm nervous to start all this medicine and hormones.  I will do whatever it takes and will pray that the side effects that happen to so many will be mild for me and that in a few short months I'll have a baby in my belly after being grown in a bowl.

Love that we can all have a sense of humor about this strange journey we are on.  Blessed because my husband makes me laugh and I know that will carry us through. 

Um, but seriously, hug him when you see him.  It's about to get all kinds of hormonal up in the Neu house!! 



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