Sunday, September 9, 2012

Who gains 23lbs in 1 week?

This Girl!!

So I've got this dreaded OHSS and I've been in bed for a week.  I'm going absolutely stir crazy.  But why do I have this dreaded OHSS?  Because I'm pregnant!!  And if this is the crap I have to put up with for a few more weeks, I will do it.

I'm on a high salt diet still.  Doesn't help the weight gain but apparently it's helping keep the fluid in my blood and out of my stomach.  You wouldn't know it by looking at me.  I'm praying that the bloating and swelling starts to subside because I really don't think I could take another "tapping" on Wednesday as is currently the plan. 

I'm choosing to look on the positive side of things.  I know when I was young I used to put a pillow under my shirt to try to get an idea of what I would look like pregnant.  Well I'm getting a pretty solid glimpse into what my pregnant belly will look like at 5/6 months.  Who gets that glimpse so early in their pregnancy?

I can't wait to feel the baby/babies moving around.  Can't wait to find out how many we have growing inside me. I can't wait to see what these little miracles are going to look like.  One thing I do know, God has some special plans for our baby.  Everything we have been through has been a testament to that.  We haven't given up, we've never stopped believing and we pray everyday for the life that I'm growing. 

Maybe shopping for maternity clothes and granny panties isn't what most pregnant mommas are doing so soon but that hasn't stopped me.  I have never done anything by the book.  This stupid OHSS isn't common and I got it, of course.  For some reason, I'm not sure of the why's other than the obvious.  The PCOS I have, the amount of eggs they got.  But it's all good.  Everything up until this point happened to get me pregnant, this is as bad as it is because I'm pregnant and ARE YOU READING ME I'M PREGNANT!!! 

I don't know that I will ever get tired of saying that.  I'm so blessed.  God has given me so much and I'm so in awe of how much He loves me.  How much He cares for me.  How much He wants to show me.  This week in bed has given me the quiet time I needed to praise my God, thank my God and reflect on all I have. 

So.  Hopefully we all know I'm thankful and blessed and have a GREAT idea of what I'll look like at 6 months pregnant and hopefully this week I can get back to my life.  To work, to feeling human, to being able to get out of bed for more than an hour.  But regardless, whereever I am, I AM PREGNANT and looking forward to and believing I will be strong and healthy in this pregnancy for the next 8 months!!


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