Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We got twins y'all

My babies first picture!  Wow!  That is my name in the top left corner and those are pictures of my babies that are growing in my belly!  Amazed!

We went in for an ultrasound this morning and was told it may be too soon to hear the heartbeats.  Babies knew now badly we wanted to hear them, so the overachievers that they are, didn't disappoint.  Can't even put into words what it felt like laying there looking at my babies hearts beating!  And then to hear them!  Amazed!!

The kids are so excited.  We had them this weekend and they all climbed up in bed and we talked about baby names.  Every few hours L would come in bed and say, "You want to go over your favorite names again?"  I am so happy that they are so excited about their baby siblings!

They are also loving that I am having cravings.  Sat we had pizza for lunch and then their Nana took them for ice cream.  Then the ice cream man came through the neighborhood and we got some sno cones before dinner.  They were loving it.  Sunday we had to go to Target before dinner to find me some pants that fit and I was hungry so we got a pretzel and icee.  K was like, I LOVE you being pregnant and us getting snacks like this before dinner.  Setting a great example!

The kids got me our first baby gift.  Some onesies and bibs.  So cute.  I am so amazed that I am where I am.  Married to my best friend, surrounded by more love and encouragement from friends and family than we could imagine, the kids so beyond excited and 2 miracles growing strong inside of my body.

They are sucking the life out of me.  They are making me sick.  They are making me crave weird things.  They are making me weepy.  They are making me crazy.  I couldnt figure out how to get out of Target the other day.  I kept walking back and forth between the 2 sets of doors because I couldnt figure which one was the exit.  K was finally like, uh, Melissa, we can go out either.  They are making me feel more, love more and believe more.  Through sheer will, determination, love, miracle, prayer and strength we have what we have been hoping for.  I am carrying my husbands babies!!

We are released to the obgyn.  The nurses and dr's were hugging us and congratulating us and it just felt like we were part of something so special.  We created life.  Inside of me.  Absolutely amazing.

I'm blessed with so much more than I deserve.  God placed this on my heart long ago and to have Him trust me to be the momma to 2 baby tadpoles right now is the most humbling of experiences I've ever had.  My cup (my cups actually, whoa my boobs are rapidly growing!) is seriously running over!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!

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