Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh what beautiful blobs

Well folks, it's legit.  I have pamphlets and everything.  Oh and how'd that pic of my babies get put in there?  Ha, get used to seeing that.  I will be only slightly more than completely obnoxious with pictures of my beautiful babies.  Who are perfect, btw.  Heartbeats were 174 and 168, they are measuring right at 9w2d, well the one who will be the overachiever measured 9w4d but Dr says everything was absolutely great.  Thankfully I had Jason there to point out what the blobs were.  He is good at telling heads from tails, literally.  Me, not so much. 

Do you know what this means?   I'm still really pregnant.  And we're really going to have 2 babies come next year.  Holy crap!  We do it big around here!  I mean, duh, clearly I've been pregnant but I had a real appt where they talked to me about how much weight to gain during pregnancy, funny story there, about my csection, birthing classes, hospital tours, high rish Dr's I will be seeing....It's REAL!!

Real scary.

But exciting.

But scary.

Maybe I shouldn't have taken to youtube to reseach tandem breastfeeding.  Yikes!

Have a nice day.

I don't think it had completely sunk in because I have just felt so completely out of sorts lately.  For the better part of 2 months I have felt awful, have been mostly in bed and just really sick. I went from the OHSS to extreme morning sickness that is relentless.  I was starting to feel a lil crazy. 

Today we had our first official prenatal visit at the OB's office and I have been to an OBGYN since I was like 13 (thanks awful periods) so I'm quite familiar there but going as a pregnany lady..DIFFERENT!!  SO emotional.  It really does mama's heart good to hear her babies hearts beating so excitedly.  It's still amazing to me that God has trusted me with such a beautiful and amazing gift.  Times two! 

So I still have left over fluid.  Clearly as I'm still up on the scale, even though I'm down from vomitting.  Nothing is ever as it should be.  My prepregnancy weight was 20 lbs less than what I weigh now.  Now I need to remind you for my sanity and vanity that I gained 23 lbs in a week.  1 week.  23 lbs.  And today after the ultrasound they see that I still have extra fluid waiting to be sucked back in.  And also my ovaries that should be the size of prunes are the size of grapefruits.  Times Two.  Two oversized ovaries causing me pain when I move, pressing on my stomach and making me sick on top of severe morning sickness.  I digress.  I am supposed to keep my total weight gain around 30 lbs.  Ha.  No problem.  7 months, 10 lbs.  She told me that then was like, uh well, this extra fluid has kind of thrown a wrench in that.  I'll probably grow to be the size of a barn but know why?  CAUSE I'M PREGNANT WITH TWINS.  Never gets old saying that!  

I'm having Jason's babies.  2 of them.  Absolustely amazed and humbled.  I don't know what God saw in us to trust us with such a big blessing but I won't question, I'll just thank Him, as I do everyday.  I am growing babies.  They have hearts and arms and legs and elbows.  It's simply amazing and I'm just so in love.

I'm blessed because even through I never doubted that God would answer the dream He placed so strongly in my heart, the overwhelming joy of being in the middle of His grace and blessing and favor takes this gal back.  I have a loving husband, we have supportive families and friends who are so excited for us.  And God is preparing us for even more that we can't even imagine.  I know that, I am living that.

Pregnant.  With twins.  So in love already! 

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