Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Half Past Crazy and High Risk

Jason went to Walgreens for me the other day.  He came home with pee pads, starburst and a netty pot.  Apparently he told the cashier he was shopping for his grandmother.  Thanks babe!

Had our first appointment with the high risk dr today.  There were 2 ladies in the waiting room with us at one point.  They were both in their late 40's I'd guess and both were working on 7 kids.  One lady was pregnant with her 3rd set of twins.  Yowza!

Love the Dr and his staff.  He wasn't overly concerned with my "huge ovaries" and extra fluid but he said that with me having severe OHSS (severe, good to know it was a lot worse than I knew) and twins he was going to be keeping a very close eye on us, this was going to be fun and he read my chart and knew we were trouble.  Awesome.  He has a good sense of humor which I appreciate and great bedside manner.  His foreign accent didn't hurt either!

I'll be seeing them every 4 weeks.  And my regular OB every 4 weeks and they are staggered so looks like we are going to get to see the nuggets every 2 weeks.  Hearing their heartbeats is always exciting but today they were moving all over the place.  They had us in a super fancy room and had the monitor linked to a big screen tv so we got to see the babies on the big screen moving and wiggling all around.  Simply amazing.  I have 2 healthy, mobile babies growing inside of me.  Blows my mind.  The nurse was trying to measure them and baby A was moving so much she had a hard time.  They were laughing and said we were going to have our hands full.  Better full than empty I say.

The amount of crazy I see and hear and am part of or a by product of lately is blowing my mind.  Seriously.  I have a short fuse from being couped up for the better part of 2 months and I guess just the normal hormonal changes going on inside me but seriously, I can't take it.  Watching the debates and presidential candidates commercials and all is about to drive me over the edge.  Having people in my life who are sick and have brainwashed people I love makes me want to punch something.  I don't know how it's possible for people to turn so ugly and mean and disgusting.  I don't know how others have so much control and power.  I despise people that are praying on what they determine the weak to be when in all honesty they aren't weak, they are loving, kind, caring people who are getting nothing but the crap end of the stick.

Over it.

I can control what I can control and I have to let go of what I can't.  For me, for my babies, for my sanity.  There is so much good, so many loving people, so many wonderful things that are happening in our lives, I'm trying desperately not to let the actions of a few people wear me down too much.  When you expect better of people, when you know they should be decent and instead are demented it can take you to a dark place.  I'm praying God guides my prayers in the right way for these people, for my heart not to be hardened and for my family to be put back together as it should. 

Satan finds any crack, any opening, any opportunity to wreck havoc on those who love and live for God.  Living proof of that right now.  Not going to give him an opening.  My feet are planted firmly on solid ground, littered with starburst wrappers.

Blessed because even though my life has crazy in it, crazy is at arm's length and I can step back.  My babies will be brought into a loving environment full of the people that matter.  Parents, siblings, grandparents, family and friends.  Satan is not invited. 

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