Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh Boy!

I thought for sure I had a baby boy and girl growing inside me.  I've dreamed about both enough to think I was for sure having both.

We went for the 4D ultrasound on Wed and we told the lady we didn't want to know the sex of either.  We planned a gender reveal party that evening with the kids, our parents and our family that was in for Thanksgiving.  I laid on the table and Jason was sitting in front of a huge TV that was playing the sonogram.  It was amazing to see the little babes in 4D.  Baby A was kicking away at Baby B who lays on top.  They were flipping and moving and spooning each other.  Both babies were sucking on their thumbs which was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.  Still kind of amazes me that I have 2 babies that are so active and I can't feel them moving.

At one point she told us to look away as she was zeroing in on the money shots.  Jason was looking and thought he knew what he was looking at.  Afterwards as I went to the bathroom he asked if he was correct in what he thought Baby A was and she confirmed it.  We both stepped out as she called the cake lady for us and told her the sexes.  Cake lady then went to work pumping in either pink or blue frosting in the middle of 2 cupcakes.

Jason has been pestering me for a long time that we should find out and act surprised.  Acting is not one of his God given talents.  And that man cannot stand to not know what gifts are or surprises or anything.  So he spends the afternoon knowing at least one sex.

Family gets here, we facetime with some out of town family and we gather around the table.  Jason and I grab our cupcakes and I take a huge bite not knowing how far back the icing is and not wanting to miss it.  I see blue and turn the cupcake to him so he can see, as he's doing the same and I'm fulling expecting to see pink and to everyone's surprise there is his half eaten cupcake with blue icing!!  I screamed, I laughed and then it hit me that I am carrying Jason's 2 sons and I nearly started sobbing.  I will never forget that moment of realizing I'm going to have 2 little boys!

There hasn't been a lot of planned announcements with this pregnancy.  Found out I was pregnant kind of by accident because of the OHSS.  Found out when I was in so much pain and being drained that we were having 2.  Finding out, completely surprised, surrounded by the people who mean the most to us was one of the sweetest moments of this pregnancy and one I will replay in my mind often.  I've watched the video hundreds of times.

I thought I wanted a boy and girl because I thought that's what I was having.  I was thinking through all scenarios of boy/boy, girl/girl and boy/girl and wondered if I'd be ok with whatever we have.  Heading to the sonogram I told Jason that I always thought people were lying when they said it didn't matter as long as they were healthy but it's so true.  I know that of the 24 embryos that were viable, we have the 2 that God decided were the best babies for us.  It's amazing the peace that comes with knowing God is giving you what you need.

2 boys.  Oh my goodness!!  We are going to have our hands full and I can't wait.  I had a very special bond with both my nephews but one of them really was attached to me.  The bond I had with J during those 4 years I will never forget.  That I am going to have 2 little, rugged, bruisers of boys that will have the sweet spirit of their Daddy makes me feel more blessed than I ever thought possible.

I've always loved Jason.  During this time of IVF and pregnancy and all we've been through, my love for him has grown.  Knowing that I am carrying his sons has placed a pride and love in my heart I have never had.

I'm going to have 2 baby boys, all mine.  They are going to love their Mama.  That's me!  I'm going to be the Mom to 2 boys.

So beyond blessed that once again, God has shown me what I needed and it was so much more than I expected or deserve!!

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