Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I got a MacBook Air for Easter.

I hate it.


Well not really.  I think if I were smart enough to use it I'd actually really love it. As it stands I have a really cool laptop that shows me my texts, FaceTime and 1000 icons at the bottom that mean nothing to me.  I had to set up a so many different accounts, its possible I may have forgotten the email address my activation code was emailed to.  Oh, you didn't know?  New computers don't come with programs.  You have to buy everything.  And I tried to download Office so I can have word and I don't have the code.  I can't find the code.  And the search icon doesn't respond to "WHERE IS MY ACTIVATION CODE!?!"  Let's have a little recap of the last 2 hours of my life.

I go thru all the email addresses I can remember..no email from Apple.  Or Microsoft.  I don't really even know what it should be.  So after 20 minutes of googling "I'm an idiot where is my code" I finally get a phone number.

Voice activated number.  That doesn't respond to "Coco, NO!"  "Coco, stop."  I don't understand, says the computer voice.  Sends me back to the start.  I get past the next few prompts and then my "Coco, OUCH that's my toe" sends me to a live person.

Who is in India.  And speaks no English that I can understand.  It took me saying, NEW PERSON PLEASE I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU, over and over to be transferred.

To another computer genius down the cube wall from her in India.


So I finally get transferred to Ben and I am happy.  He asks me what kind of computer I have.  Easy enough.  Macbook Air.  Whats the OSXVY blah blah blah.  I don't know!!  He sighs.  Prompts me to looks and I actually find the info.

Now the fun part.

"Mam, please read the 25 character code and use A for apple, blah blah blah."  Easy enough.  Until you are under pressure trying to come up with words that correlate with the letter.

Mine might have went something like this.

"D for dog, the number 2, R for rabbit, the number 8, the number 9, dash, T for tomato, Q for uh, um, Q, the number 4, the number 6" and on and on and on.

The guy sighs and repeats back to me, D for Delta, 2, R for Roger, 8, 9, T for Thomas, Q for Queen."  Then he snickers.

I'm still on hold with India while my dog runs around sniffing, so I am in the other room trying to get her to pee on the wee pad, yelling to the foreign computer nerd answers while on speaker.  I finally get transferred to a man in California who can understand me.  Then my dog finds a mirror I have yet to hang leaning against the breakfast bar, she gets freaked out bc she sees herself, she starts barking, she starts freaking, I start yelling and she starts peeing.

I still don't have my activation code and I have lost any bit of sanity I had hanging on.

Be jealous...

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