Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby powder, sales and God's perfect timing...gulp

I had to go to the dr this week. Kind of unexpected and it was before work so I was going straight from the dr to work. I had on my "selling houses heels" that do wonders for selling homes, not so much for the smell of my feet. Because I was going to have to take my shoes off at the dr I put baby powder all in my shoes. Great idea.

Til I got to the dr's office and the nurse gave me a gown to put on. So I put the gown on, take the shoes of and notice baby powder on the top of my toes. Embarrassing if the dr saw it, right? So I walk across the hardwood floor to get a paper towel to wipe my feet off. And look back and see 8 or 9 white foot prints on the hard wood floor from the baby powder. Did I mention I'm brilliant? So I grab a handful of paper towels, bend down and start mopping the floor basically. Then I rush to make sure it was all up, set down on the table and the dr walked in all, What's new? And I'm all, uh nothing, your floors sure are clean.

Got some news at the dr I wasn't expecting. Not really a bad thing just kinda unexpected. It's a big lesson in "Hi, remember me? I'm me." So, trusting. And excited. And believing that God will always take care of me.

As evidenced by the 4 sales I've had so far this year. If we need some perspective, let me help you out. Last year I sold 7 homes. This year, 6 weeks into the year, I've sold 4. Awesome!! Loves it!! 2 people came in and bought the same day. 2 people I've been working with for a year now. All 4 equally made me happy. Can't wait to see who else God sends my way.

Yesterday both my partners and myself all wrote a contract. Awesome. Loves it! My boss came in my office and asked if everyone could smell the sweet smell of success. What an amazing thing to work for the company I do. When the news is saying recession, terrible economy blah blah blah, I'm saying SOLD! I work for the best builder. In the fasted growing community in the city. In the 14th fastest growing community in the country. And to think, I wanted to jet set across the US working for amusement parks. I am so much loving my job I can't stand it. And I know I will be there for as long as God wants me there. What a good feeling that is. God put me where He knew I'd be best. Not where I begged him to put me. And I'm so beyond happy. Point taken.

I'm so excited for the next few months. With my husband, family, job, the unknowns. It's all good. Because if I've learned anything the past year, the past few months, the past few's evidenced in unexpected news, unexpected buyers, unexpected people. God gives you what you need. In His perfect timing.

I'm so incredibly blessed and so in love with my God who has given me the life that I am so in love with. I can't wait to see what else He has around the corner for me and the Mr.

Oh and UK is dominating! Woot!

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