Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cheaters, Chick Fil A and Crazy meds

I have a lot to say.  This is always scary.  Threats of people deleting and unfriending me because of my beliefs. Ok, I'll take the chance.

1.  This whole Chick Fil A thing is crazy to me.  A Christian company that is closed on Sunday, plays Christian music in their restaurants is getting blasted for not supporting gay people.  Where is the confusion coming from?  The bible is clear.  With that being said, I was taught that you love the sinner and hate the sin.  Today that sin seems to be shining brightly at gay people.  Which is sad and ridiculous.  There isn't a day that brings to light the hatred against cheaters.  Or liars.  Or people who judge. But I don't think the "Support Chick Fil A Day" was to show hatred towards gay people but for people to show their support for Christian values.  See you at the Pole anyone?  I can promise that wasn't to bring attention to flag poles.  I support Chick Fil A.  I also tithe my money to churches as well as Christian radio stations.  That money isn't given to go towards anti anything movements or groups but to further the kingdom of My God.  The one who has provided all I have and need thru my trust and belief in Him.  Period. 

2.  Speaking of cheaters.  I am annoyed.  If you have ever been on the receiving end of cheating (I have) you know it sucks.  It's not just that someone you are involved with, or in love with, in like with, or even someone maybe you are committed to even though you may no longer like or love has made the decision to go outside your relationship to find someone else, it's that you didn't matter enough to warrant a conversation.  "Hey, things aren't going great.  I'm not happy.."  Or "Hey, I may not love you anymore, I may find you repulsive or scary or crazy but I respect you enough to let you know that before I go behind your back to find someone else I'm going to end it with you"  Seriously.  What is it with cheaters?  Are they so bored with life they need the thrill and excitement of cheating?  Get a hobby!  It doesn't bode well with me when I know that you are cheating and then post things on FB about how special your husband is or tweet about your beautiful wife or whatever.  Here's an idea.  If you are unhappy, ok.  Do something about it.  But before you bring other people into it (husband, wife, kids...) be adult enough to end one thing before jumping into bed with another.  Jeez.  Shouldn't be that hard.  You don't look cool, you aren't sexy or smooth or charming.  You are a walking billboard for disease, despair and disgust.  Show me cheaters who have their life together and are happy outside of what they post all over FB and I'll happily listen.

3. Today I ordered the rest of my medicine.  It's always nice when you have to call your bank to get a daily limit increase for a medicine order.  Fun times.  I am on day 3 of my shots and don't seem to have too many bad side effects.   I'm sleeping well, I'm happy and I'm healthy.  I am more emotional, kinda weepy.  I catch myself crying seeing old people, puppies and babies.  And the unexpected blessings God is giving me.  Our chaplain came in today to pop in and I always miss him as he usually comes in on my day off.  He asks if there's anything he can pray for me about and I said yes, my husband and I are hoping to have exciting news soon.  He asks if I was pregnant and I told him I had just started the meds for IVF.  He sits down and shares a little of his story with me.  He and his wife went through IVF and she had a tubal pregnancy that ended really badly.  They decided to adopt and after they got their daughter in Nov, she found out she was pregnant in Feb.  Then went on to have another daughter.  So their baby story was failed IVF tries, miscarriage and heartache turned into miracles and blessings and favor.  The love he has for his 3 daughters has him beaming.  He didn't have to come in today.  He didn't have to share that with me.  But he did.  Because God knew I needed it.  He asked if his wife could pray for me.  What an honor.  Then I get a text from a dear friend letting me know God placed me on her heart this morning and she is praying for me.  People are taking time out of their day to pray for Jason and I.  So overwhelmed with goodness and favor.

I am blessed.  In so many ways.  God is shining His light on me and in the midst of some crazy (always) and some frustrations (always) my blessings are very much overshadowing the bad. 

Today I'm holding onto Isaiah 66:9 "I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord." 

He said it, I believe it, that's good enough for me.


  1. if you are getting threats of "de-friending" they don't deserve to be your friend in the first place... I like this part - "you love the sinner and hate the sin"..
    Praying for you guys... and stay sane! har har har.

  2. And... as far as Chick Fil-A is concerned... why don't they have that Banana Pudding Milkshake on the menu permanently??

  3. Agree completely. That shake is delish! xo