Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Abortion at 20 weeks

It's been a long time since I've gotten on a soap box about anything. 

On it now. 

There's a lot that comes across my fb newsfeed that makes me angry but I just scroll past. Everyone's entitled to their opinion on things and not much makes me furious. 

This made me completely enraged. 

It was a video of an abortion and the baby is in the sac on a tray, moving and wiggling. I thought for sure it was a misinformed person who had started something that went viral because it was a fully formed baby, moving around. Alive.    

How naive of me. 

The video may not be accurate of abortion but it took me to a place I wish I hadn't gone. 

I googled "how late can I get an abortion" and was appalled at what I saw. 

This website talks you through the 2 day procedure for terminating a 20 week pregnancy. In FL. 

If you were wondering, it takes 2 days to kill a baby at 20 weeks. 

I'm sensitive to this, I concede to that.  I held my baby at 18.5 weeks and my second baby at 20 weeks. Both fully formed. Not tissue, not a choice, a baby, a person, a human. 

With 2 perfect hands, 2 perfect feet, 10 fingers, 10 toes, a beautiful face, perfect nose and lips. 

At 20 weeks you can kill a baby.  If you have $500 but if you don't, many insurances pay. 


I had to pay over $25,000 for IVF to conceive a baby that insurance paid absolutely nothing for and many insurances will pay for you to murder your baby?

I have birth certificates for both boys because they were alive. I also have death certificates because they died. Does the person killing their baby get the same?


I will never understand this. If I choose to kill my baby it's because it's my body, my choice. If someone kills me and I'm pregnant they get double homicide. 

Instead of protestors at an abortion clinic, maybe the millions of parents who want a baby should stand outside with $500 to give the mothers choosing to kill their babies in exchange for their life. It would certainly be less expensive than adoption or IVF fees for the desperate parents wanting to raise a baby. 

Stepping off my soap box but I've never been more disgusted than I am now. 

My blog, my feelings, my thoughts. 

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