Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My hope, sales and Nanas.

Nana had surgery today and came thru it really well. So thankful. That is one special lady. I talked to her yesterday and in the middle of nowhere she said, "Now Missy, you need to write a book. And I mean right now." I was like, where'd that come from? She said, well I've been reading your blog and you need to write a book so other people can read this. I love that woman. I told her there's a book inside me, one day she'll get to read it.

Wouldn't be half the woman I am today if it weren't for her. She has loved me and prayed me through more than you can imagine. Everytime I'd get down and frustrated she'd let me, then would remind me that I'd have all I need in God's timing. Nana was right. As she so often is. I love that special lady! I pray everyone has a Nana in their life.

Oh the joys and drama of social networking. I had over 500 friends on both my facebooks and I cleaned house and it felt good. Drama was deleted. People that didn't need direct insight into my life was deleted. Some just deleted because I didn't know who they were. Just like this blog, sometimes I consider deleting my facebook because people try to make it ugly. But the past few years, months, days, I've put prayer requests out there, put private requests for prayer out there and am always overwhelmed with how willing people are to take time out of their lives to pray for me and my family and circumstances. Things meant for good only become bad when people make them ugly. I have taken the ugly out.

Encouraged by the quality of the people I am seeing at work. I know that this year will be successful. I know I'm right where I am meant to be and I am selling the right homes to the right people. What a great gift that is to be able to help people into their dream. I love my job.
I continue to do what I need to do and I know the sales will come. I'm so much looking forward to this year.

My hope. My hope is for so much. But above all my hope is in God. I know that life will always be hard. Sometimes harder than others. But when hard things come up and you are covered in prayer, good can come out of it.

Aaron Shust sings it best, "My hope is, in you Lord, all the day long. I won't be shaken by drought or storm. A peace that passes understanding is my song and I sing, my hope is in you Lord."

A peace that passes understanding is my song. That's a pretty good song to have. Why am I blessed with all that I have? Despite my mistakes, my divorce, my choices, I have everything I have ever wanted. People criticize me. Tell me how I feel. Tell me I'm not a Christian. That I think I'm perfect. "I won't be shaken by drought or storm." My life has chaos I don't understand and sometimes seems more than I can deal with. But I always have what I need. "A peace that passes understanding is my song." When the world is against me, when Satan is laughing in my face, when the giants seem too big..."I sing, my hope is in you Lord."

Satan doesn't often bring out the big guns for the weak. For the ones who won't fight back. If Satan is attacking this hard, I can promise you this. God has some mighty blessings headed towards the Neu's in 2012. And Satan won't win. His minions won't bring me down. My feet are planted firmly in HIS word, in HIS promises, and Satan can't fight that. Neither can the haters. And that makes me smile.

A peace that passes understanding is my song. Can't be mad with that in my head. What song is playing in yours?

Blessed because my God is bigger than all this. And I am so excited about where we're going!

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