Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Haters gonna hate...

If you read this blog and feel like I'm talking about you, today there is a great chance I am.  No apologies.  You read my blog, you get my thoughts.  It's funny because yesterday a good friend of mine asked me about my blog.  She wanted to know what kind of flak I got from it.  I was honest and told her there's a few select people that make the blog about them and try to make it into something it isn't but that the people who encourage me, email me, text me and call me with their own stories make it worth it.  So I keep doing it.  Boy was the timing on that funny. 

Yesterday was a hard day.  I've never worked so hard to continue to go in circles.  The real estate market is definitely improving but with sales comes issues and troubles and headaches.  Yesterday was all that and more served up in a big bow!  BUT I love my job and am so thankful I work for such a great company and can get paid for doing something I love.

I'm part of an infertility group I didn't expect to be in.  I don't lay around crying, I don't have to force myself to get out of bed, I don't cry to the heavens asking why me?  I do get upset when I get wrong information like a surgery is going to be $5000 instead of $1000.  That sucks.  I do get frustrated when I'm told something is an option that is less expensive and less invasive then find out it's not.  This took the wind out of our sails.  Of course.  Right now we are still in the discovery phase of finding out info and costs and blah and I do wonder, often, what our baby story will be but I, nor Jason, are miserable. 

I don't need your platitudes.  Do you even know what that means?  No?  Didn't think so.  Sorry, that was directed at one reader.  Attn you- I don't need your fake niceness.  What I do need is for people that read this blog with the intent of using it to try to hurt me or Jason to just do us all a favor and go away. 

Life has too many hurts and headaches to keep adding to it with stupid people.  Jason and I have a beautiful life.  We really do.  We laugh sometimes at the way it has all played out.  We had such miserable lives before we found each other, married to the wrong people,  dealing with crap that comes from divorce and yada yada yada and then we find each other and that's all she wrote. 

We are happy.  We are healthy.  We have frustrations that come with jobs, life, family, and disappointments but we are happy.  Life happens.  We both had to go through hell to get where we are.  Jason has 3 beautiful kids out of that.  I have battle wounds that have made me stronger for what we are facing now.  So for whatever reason we are going through struggles we know, because we have lived it, that beautiful will come out of suffering.  And man did we suffer. 

It's not always easy to keep on keeping on.  It's not always easy to take the higher ground.  Believe me, it's not easy.  But I'm trying.  God is up to something. I know that.  Satan is on the attack.  I know that too.  But I also know that whatever is thrown at us and whatever we face, we are facing it together and it will bring us closer.  Haters gonna hate.  It's ok if that's their hobby.  I have more important things to do.  Like work.  Like enjoy my life.  Like spend time with my handsome man, and our friends, and our family. 

I'm blessed because the crazy people are a reminder that I could always be worse off.  And today that is good enough for me!

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