Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BUI- Blogging under the Influence

I am Blogging Under the Infuence of some pretty crazy drugs.  I can track like clockwork, I take my shots and within 20 minutes I can feel the meanness coursing through my veins.  Poor Jason gets the brunt of it as I take my meds at night and he's the one laying in bed with me.  That may be short lived.  There've been threats of him moving to the guest room thrown around, whatev.

Dr's appts are going well.  Bloodwork and scans and readjusting dosages and I'm on track it appears.  Have another appt tomorrow so we'll continue to pray that we stay as we should be.  And also will pray that no one in the waiting room decides to eat her very noisy, smelly, breakfast in the chair across from me!!!  Who does that?!  These meds are no joke!  One makes me crazy.  The other makes me crampy and bloated and have horrible headaches and perhaps somewhat emotional.  The other makes me cry over animal commercials.  Seriously, that happened.  Can I see a show of hands who is jealous of Jason right now? 

Some people like to remind that I havent given birth to a baby so I'm not a real mom.  I'm so glad I have people like that in my life, I mean, I almost forgot I hadn't birthed any kids.  Know what makes me laugh?  That in a short time some people who love throwing that in my face are going to have to come up with something else to hold over my head.  -insert evil laugh-

Have had some dreams about J lately.  I havent dreamed of him in a long time.  He's getting extra prayers here lately.  I so miss that sweet kid. 

Meds also give me ADD.  A few parenting tips I will hope to implement once I am a real mother.  -still evil laughing-

1.  Put responsibility on a kids shoulders to keep their feet on the ground.  I love that.  Our kids love doing chores.  A is always asking to do laundry or help organize.  K likes to do stuff in the kitchen for dinner.  L loves doing manly things with his daddy.  I love that manly chores range from mowing the grass to folding clothes. 

2.  Jealousy robs you of what you have when you focus on what other's have.  In today's world where 5 year olds have more electronics than I do it's hard to teach kids the value of things that don't cost money and how to enjoy what you have.  It's even harder when adults haven't figured that out.  There's a lot of bratty, spoiled people out there. 

3. The art of not cheating.  There's something to be said for working hard and getting somewhere on your own without quitting and without cheating.  Know what I love about life lessons?  They can run the gamut.  This applies to relationships, school, work, friendships.

4.  The joy of spoiling your kids.  Not with things, with love.  With time.  With attention.  Some of the best times we've had with the kids, by their own admission, have been times we've done things that haven't cost a dime. 

5.  The better your life is the more sad people will not like you.  Bullies, blah.  There will always be someone out there who didn't have loving, caring, Christian, nurturing parents to guide them in how to be loving and respectful to others.  Then there will be those who were raised in loving, caring, Christian, nurturing households who will still turn out to be mean people.  Lesson-haters gonna hate and the better your life, the meaner they get.  True story.

SO- We've learned today that Jason deserves a gold star of bravery if he makes it through this in one piece.  I mean when he makes it through this in one piece.  My bad.  Hopefully he will soon understand that he simply can't eat, drink or breath around me and we'll be good to go.

Blessed because through the crazy, my handsome husband is talking me down off all kinds of ledges.  I love that man, my soon to be baby daddy!!  We have all sorts of excitement surrounding us and I love the life we have together!  

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