Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Exhausted, road rash and burnt cookies

Back into the swing of things. And so tired. Yesterday was busy with realtors and customers and learning and showing. Forgot how fun it is to walk homes under construction in 90+ heat in 4" heels.

Day started off promising. Then quickly went downhill as I came off the steps of the construction trailer, my heels stuck in the white rock walkway and I dropped to my knees. The only reason I didnt face plant was thanks to the 5" binder I was carrying that acted as a prop. Luckily for me the 20 yr old intern was right there beside me to help me up. I stopped her from getting the gravel out of my knees. I have pride.

So Weekley's thing is to make Otis Spunkmeyer cookies every 3 hours. To make the house smell good and a snack for the buyers. Its smart. Unless you burn the cookies then it defeats the purpose of both. And I burnt them really good. Which was probably my subconscious sabotaging my baking efforts so I don't eat the stupid cookies every 3 hours. If I don't stop, I'm soon going to be the size of a house.

Got my travel plans today. They're putting me up in a fancy hotel just blocks away from the 4th largest mall in the country. And I get my first check Tues. And it's not direct deposit yet so it will be here while I'm in TX. Blocks away from the 4th largest mall in the country. BOOO!!! They're sending their limo company to pick me up from the airport to take me to the hotel. Seems a little over the top WHICH I LOVE!! Going to have my fancy luggage, big glasses and high heels looking for the limo driver carrying a little sign with my name on it. For some reason I feel like this has disaster written all over it.

So my dating sabbatical is working out well as I'm in bed by 930 every night. All joking aside it's so nice to be back into a routine. Back into a business I know. It's really amazing and kind of sad though how much to market has changed in the 3 years since I was in it. But the basics are the same, prices are just (WAY) lower.

I'm blessed. Struggling to stay awake, not gain weight, not get too overwhelmed and blah blah blah but this beats the meantime, anytime!!

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