Sunday, June 27, 2010

Serial dating, changes and paychecks

I get my 2nd paycheck this week. Yay! Starting my 4th week tomorrow. Got "promoted" to sales from training Thurs. Expectation was that it would be 2 months. The feedback that my boss has given me from the trainers in sales, computers and construction has all been nothing but really positive and encouraging. Everyday I'm shown in different ways how great this company really is and how right it is for me.

When I was in Houston I had a missed call from a number I didn't know. No voicemail. That annoys me. I'm one of those people that calls back numbers. I called it back and a guy answers with a "Hey, how ya been?" I had no idea who it was. No idea. So I asked and he said Jason. No idea still who it was. He had a client call so he had to end the call before I could figure it out. I was standing around a few people I'd met in training and called Whit and the conversation goes something like this.."Have I dated a Jason?", her "Jason? No, I don't think so." Me, "Have I gone out with a Jason?" Her, "Jason? No, doesn't sound familiar." I convey the story to her and neither of us has any idea who he is. I get off the phone and the people I was standing near were looking at me funny. One asked if I really just called a friend to see if she remembered a guy I'd dated because I couldn't remember. I finally figured it out when he texted me back. Met him once and he lives out of town and we talked via text mostly. Kind of a trick question if you ask me.

Yesterday I got a call from a number I didn't know. And he left me a voicemail that said, "Hey stranger, just checking to see if you're still alive. Call me back when you get a chance." No idea who it was. Voice sounded familiar. I purged numbers not so long ago. So stupid. Because all the guys I've dated always call back and I need to know who's who for my own curiosity if nothing else. Because that scenario played out like this...I sent a text, "I'm sorry, not sure who this is, can you let me know?" His reply.."Nevermind." Booo!! So I call the number back and it went to voicemail. His voice, no name offered up. Booo!! No idea who it is and it's killing me. Signs 146 and 147 you've dated too many people - When they identify themselves and you can't place them, when they leave you a voicemail and you recognize the voice but can't place them.

Had a guy I've never gone out with but chatted briefly with send me a text today that said "I'm not the right guy for you. Best of luck." Uh, ok. Thanks for the honesty. Had 2 old flames pop back into the picture. I need a new picture. I'm glad I've dated so many different guys and personality types, only way to figure out what you want, what you need, what you won't settle for, and a never ending supply of really good stories. But, it's exhausting. Seriously, it's a full time job!

Tomorrow I'm implementing some changes. Not going to talk about them, just going to do it and wait for people to notice the difference. Tired of being the "I'm going to..." girl. I'm going to be the "I'm doing it..." girl. Got my job, that was one step in the right direction. Going to take a few more and see where it leads me.

I'm blessed. I'm taking stock of a lot of things and going to do some stuff differently. Will be excited to see where it takes me! Hopefully to a land of new guys I've never dated before!

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