Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've been dating since I was 15. I'm exhausted...

Where is he? Gotta love Sex and the City. Such wisdom.

"I missed the Jaguar season last year because I was in rehab." "What kind of dressing would you like on your salad, and oh, btw, I don't ever want kids and had a vasectomy years ago." "I saw on facebook you were going to be here so I hope you don't mind me showing up." "I'm going to date my exwife who has a boyfriend she likes better than me, but what the heck?" "I like you too much it freaked me out so I'm going to hate you instead." "I'm going to call you a nickname that makes your eye twitch everytime I say it. And I'm going to say it a lot." "Oh yea, I know your ex husband's new wife, I think I dated her." "I have (fake) cancer, and I'm going to fake my death to try to get myself out of the web of lies and destruction I've created and I'm going to emotionally involve you, that ok?"

THIS is just a sampling of the conversations I've had with guys I've either dated or went out with recently. Do any of these give you warm and fuzzies? Make you so jealous that you're not single and able to do whatever you want? No, didn't think so.

Dating is not for the weak of heart. If you can have a sense of humor about it it produces good stories and free meals at least. But for crying out loud, enough is enough.

5 days and I'll have a new hobby that doesn't include men, guys, testosterone, egos. I'm going to have a job!! A real job! Where I get to dress up, be charming and talk people into doing what I think they should do!

It took me 15 months of sending out resumes, going on stupid interviews that went nowhere, talking to more recruiters and HR and managers than I care to remember BUT it finally produced a job. From 1st interview to offer, 5 days! I am hoping when I meet the right guy I'll follow the same route of rapidness. A girl can dream.

I haven't lost my sense of humor. Yet. I am going to take a dating sabbatical. I've deleted all the numbers in my phone of the dumb boys that make me crazy. And what's crazy is how quickly my phone fills back up with numbers of more dumb guys that make me crazy and how many times I've gone through this number purging exercise. But I digress..

Dating sabbatical. New job. New adventures, new people, new dating pool. For when I get off my dating sabbatical, of course.

I'm blessed. If not a little tired of the dating nonsense but confidant that God will give me everything I want and need, when I'm ready and when I need it. If I can stay out of the nunnery for that long...

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