Friday, January 22, 2010


I dont even really know what to say. I have a friend, someone who has become pretty special to me in a short time. Found out today he has luekemia.

Please pray for him. And his family. And his kids.

Too much heartache right now with people I know. Life and death stuff. I wish it were trivial things, but this isn't small stuff. I know God is a healing God. He healed my Mom of cancer. My Dad of incurable heart disease....I pray that God heals my friends.

Sue, Noos, Bryce, Sean...4 people that need your prayers. Will appreciate your prayers. I feel ill equipped to know how to handle this. To help. To make things betteror easier for them. I gripe because I don't have a job and these wonderful people are fighting for their lives....

God, please heal their hearts and souls and bodies. Give them peace, comfort from any pain and strength to fight the cancer attacking them. And God please give me enough strength to be whatever I can be to each of them.

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