Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Betty Homemaker

It's cold here. Beyond the cold I'm used to or can tolerate. I thought the "blood thinning out" thing was just something people in FL said any time they went someplace cold. Turns out it's true. And turns out when it turns cold I turn into Betty Homemaker.

It started with a pig lickin cake. Then I made 2 big pans of lasagna. And after that because apparently the 2 former weren't enough, I made pumpkin cookies. But that kind of didn't really turn out so I ended up with 2 dozen cookies and 2 pumpkin loaves.

I'm like Izzie on Grey's Anatomy I think. She baked after Denny died. I think I'm baking my stress away. Which is probably a really bad idea since it's counterproductive to my "Big Fat Food Elephant" revelation.

SoI guess if you find me in a big fluffy pink prom dress, smack me back into reality! And make sure you wipe the frosting off my face!

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