Thursday, October 22, 2009

Smelly cat, smelly cat

I have serious man voice. Beginning to think I may be allergic to KY. Have had either allergy, sinus or some other nusance since I've been here.

It's putting a damper on my marathon training. Ok, really only a 5K training, but you have to start somewhere. The distance I could run months ago is a thing of the past. I struggled for every step then anyway. I am not a graceful runner. I'm the person you make fun of in your car. I need to be held to running at night only.

And 3 people died running the Detroit half marathon last weekend. Healthy men. Runners. Who trained for this. Just all died at about the same point in the race. Really sad. And makes me second guess this running thing.

My goal for my 31st bday is to run the Gate River Run. It's in March. I can do it. But I have to actually jog and not just talk about it. Everyday. Right now I have jogged at least 9 miles in my head.

I'm going to put my running shoes on and hit the treadmill and see how far it actually takes me when I put one foot in front of the other in real life. I mean, it's a treadmill, I'll get nowhere really fast. But in terms of gaining endurance I'm hoping to be well on my way to runner's world in no time.

And hopefully nothing bad happens to me. That would really suck to finally set a goal and work towards it only to have something tragic happen. Pulled muscle, torn something or other or God forbid, death. I have never had to weigh the options of life or death with shopping. For years it's how I got my cardio and I have turned out fine. Well maybe not in great shape but my calves are to die for.

Here goes nothing. From couch potatoe to runner in 5 weeks. I've done it before we'll see if I can do it again.

If you're looking for me I'll be on the treadmill. Or sitting beside the treadmill looking at bagstealorborrow. Either one gets my heart rate up!

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