Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To be continued...

So 3 years ago today I got married. I went to a wedding this weekend (well I crashed a wedding this weekend but that's for another post) and I guess maybe it's the first wedding I've been to since my own that affected me.

Looking back on my wedding I am filled with happiness and joy, which doesn't make much sense I know. But in that moment, the man I married was the man I loved and I believe he loved me. And I think it has to mean something, the way I planned to walk down the aisle and how it actually happened.

My wedding was in a beautiful, Spanish like setting. I walked out a brick paved walkway to the top of a 2 levels of stone stairs and looked down on the sea of faces of people who loved and cared about me. I walked myself down to the 1st landing and my dad, standing at the bottom of the stairs, came to meet me. The plan was that he would walk me down the aisle to the place my mom was and her and my dad would give me away. As a symbol of them both walking with me through my life I suppose. More so because I love them both and wanted them beside me in that all important moment of handing me off to another person. That happened. But when dad walked up those stairs to get me, a little boy came running up from his place as bestman beside his daddy to walk me down the aisle with my dad. So with tears streaming down my face I walked to the man I was to marry with the man who had always loved me and a little boy who called me his Missy.

Everything from the ceremony to the reception to the wedding night was perfectly scripted. It was more than I dreamed as a little girl. It didn't have the ending I anticipated but the ending doesn't take away from the beautiful story that was that day.

And so with all that...tonight when I realized what day it was, I wasn't filled with sadness. I was filled with peace. Because up until a point, and I'm not even sure when that point was, I always remembered that story with a "The End." But now I feel like I've finally changed it to "To be continued..." And I'm excited to write that book...

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