Friday, October 9, 2009

Cousins, there were never such devoted cousins...

So I'm spending time with my cousin who was my other half growing up. And her 11 year older daughter who is her spitting image. Which really takes me back. Her boyfriend has been playing acoustic guitar and I've been singing right along with him. Takes me back to a lot of really good memories.

We have both been through some really trying times in our lives and she is such a strong person it makes me proud to be around her. We grew up close as can be. We had our lives planned out and played grown up when we were little girls at Grandma and Popsy's. Neither of our lives have turned out as we used to "play." But our lives have given us many great stories to laugh, cry and reflect on.

And, because we are such rebels, tomorrow we are crashing our long lost cousins wedding. We've spent more time apart than we have together but the bond we forged at kids has proven to be a very strong bond. There's nothing like family to remind you where you have come from and remind you of who you dreamed to be as a kid. And it's really nice to see that we are both working very hard to be the woman we dreamed of being so long ago.

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