Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello Elephant, I'm Melissa....

Skittles. Red skittles. Not sure why but I can't stop thinking about them. If I'm being honest I cant stop eating them. I know in the economic times we're having and the fact that I'm not gainfully employed or married or blah blah blah, I should be concerned with something more relevant! I know. I'm self aware. I've never had a problem with that. I can point out all my downfalls. In alphebetical order if you'd like. However, that gets me nowhere but face first crying into a bag of skittles. Clearly counterproductive.

I have lived my life mostly in the" if I want it I have it" category. We could subcategorize the many areas I lack willpower but for the sake of not wanting to lay all my skeletons out I'm going to stick with the one I'm ready to let go of. I"m going with the theory of introduce yourself to the elephant in the room and then move on.

Here goes. Hi Big Fat Food Elephant that wont leave me alone. You are now dismissed.

So, I have acknowledged I don't have willpower. Expressed my desire to have it and now I will act on it. Edamame for chips, hummus for dip, sugar free jello for ice cream. Ice chips for skittles?

I've never really reacted well to being told I cant do or have or be something. So to tell myself I cant have sugar or carbs or wine is a sure bet you will find me in the candy aisle with a big bottle of Red and a french baguette. I'm going to say I can have whatever I want. But I also have a goal of being in a certain pair of jeans by my birthday. Which leaves me less than a month to be acting with this new thing, willpower.

Don't worry, I work best under pressure. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

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