Sunday, October 11, 2009

High heels and motivation

Tonight what I want to write about certainly isn't something I can share with the world. The downside of a paperless journal connected to the www. Annoying. Tried talking to Coach but she's kind of the short bus of dog personalities and I never really have been a confide in your dog type person. And I guess technically she isn't even really my dog anymore. I digress.

I suppose I will talk about the weather. It's cold here. Lows in 30's, highs in 50's. I didn't pack for this weather. I packed for 2 weeks in August and here I find myself in KY, in the cold, without my pashmina's, sweaters, fall purses...I do have 8 pairs of high heels and some really hot accessories that will have to do.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to implement some changes. There's something very invigorating about the cold weather, which I hope will translate into supernatural motivation. I'll wear my high heels, that always helps!

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  1. I'm always here to listen even when Coach won't! :) Miss you friend!