Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hip place, great wine and flirty old men....

Last night went to a VIP restaurant opening with some friends. The restaurant was really nice, the wine was great, the food was amazing and the men were hot. It was really nice to be dressed up with my friends having a good time out.

This weekend my calander is booked. Going to see my long lost BFF before she has baby number 2, meeting another long lost friend for her bday dinner, watching UK beat UNC, going to a bonfire bday, SEC football watching party, Jags much to do, so many outfits to plan!

It's good to be home. I would have preferred to come home to an amazing career, with my handsome husband and beautiful kids decorating our home for Christmas and parties and gatherings and dinners...but as all of that is in my head I will have to wait for next year to do all that. And that's ok.

Because with all the hip places serving great wine and flirty old men chatting me up I'm confident one of them will be a CEO with a handsome grandson. Earmarked just for mwah!

Jealous of my faux life? You should be. Because before you know it you'll be finding yourself at one of my dinner parties! And you know this gal knows how to throw one heck of a fun dinner party! Keep 2010 open for all my celebrations parties. I am!

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