Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home is where the rest of my shoes are...

So I'm back....

Got the phone call I was expecting Fri but not really the outcome I was expecting. He said that per my personality test I was geared completely for sales and they didnt have anything available in sales. (truth be told I dont think I'd have been a match for that kind of sales anyway.) And he didnt want to put me into a job that I would be miserable in and not make a career out of. Which I have to respect, I wish more people were that honest. But it still stung, rejection always does. And I got to the point where I wasn't just ok with moving to another city, state, even. But I was looking forward to a new start. Back to the meantime.

Thanksgiving was weird for a few reasons but it was nice to have most of the family together.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, coming home after being away for 3 months. Not sure if it's because it's Christmas time, which is usually my favorite time of the year or what. The past few years Christmas has been very different and this year I'm afraid it will continue to be.

People grow up and make decisions and choices that greatly affect you, others, themselves...and you can't change them. It's much harder when the people making those decisions are people you never expected to be capable of the kind of hurt they are causing. So we just have to do what we have been doing...continue to pray.

Christmas is a time of reflection, of family, of the birth of something that forever changed us. I may not be decorating my own house or having a big Christmas party or have all my family together but I'm a Christian and Christmas is more than that. This year without all the noise I'm going to pray for another miracle...something that will again, forever change us. For the best!

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