Monday, December 14, 2009

So long, farewell...

I'm bidding Ado to 2009. It wasn't my year. Bad choices, bad people, bad circumstances, blah blah blah. I'm making a list of goals for 2010. NOT resolutions. Goals. I'm not resolving to do anything. I'm planning, working and believing I will achieve the following:

Peace. No matter what my circumstances I am going to live in the peace that God promises for His believers. As a believer, that's a perk I haven't taken full advantage of.

Praising God. No matter the situation, Joy comes from loving and believing in a living God. I may not be able to change the circumstances but I can change how I react to them. "When you're up against a wall, and your mountain seems so tall, and you realize life's not always can run away and hide or you can change your circumstances with a prayer. When everything falls apart, praise His name. When you have a broken heart, just raise your hands and say, Lord you're all I need, you're everything to me. And He'll take the pain away. And when it seems you're all alone, praise your name. When you feel you cant go on, just raise your hands and say, Greater is He that is within me, you can praise the hurt away, if you just praise his name." WOW.

I will make better decisions. In every area of my life. Period.

I will find something to do every day to thank someone special in my life. Because there is nothing that feels better than getting an I love you, I appreciate you, or I thank you from someone you care about. For no other reason than they deserve to hear it.

I will continue to be fabulous. I will wear my high heels, I will wear my sassy accessories, I will take care of myself and be someone other people want to be around. I'm not saying this in a cocky way, I'm saying it in a confident way. I have spent too much time in 2009 worrying what other people think of me, how they perceive me. Not important. I have one person I have to answer to and if I live a life that pleases Him then I will live a life full of good people who will love me, care about me, allow me to help them, be a shoulder to cry on, someone to offer a laugh or a voice of encouragement and just be a really good friend.

I will pray everyday thanking God for the dreams HE has placed in my heart and the journey I am on as they are placed and revealed in my life.

I have learned one very important thing in 2009. You can't always change the hurt, painful or sad circumstances that happen to you and those you love. But the thing you can control is how you react and make yourself and others feel as they are going through the hard times. And celebrate the loudest when dreams come alive.

I'm choosing in 2010 to be the one cheering loudest. Starting now.

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