Monday, December 21, 2009

UK2K Woot!

My Cats are back! Tonight was the 2000th win. Most in NCAA history. It feels so good to have the excitement and energy and pride back that I grew up appreciating. I actually kind of teared up when we won. And we won by something like 50+ points. Regardless. And got tickets to watch them play against the Gators. So happy I'm going to see them in person. Even if it is at stupid Florida.

Emotional wreck I am. But it's ok. Funny timing because I feel like I have a ball of nerves inside me, like a kid waiting on Christmas to get here to see whats under the tree. I know whats under the tree (can't wait to wear those knee high grey leather slouched boots.) I digress...

A good friend I haven't heard from in years emailed me today (love facebook) and reminded me that God's timing is perfect. I'm thankful for that reminder! And for the incredibly caring people that feel it's important enough to remind me of.

I'm not sure what I'm waiting for but I know it's going to something bigger than I was expecting. And I'll get to wear my new fab boots to celebrate!!

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