Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the season

Went to dinner with a friend who I havent seen in much too long tonight. We were in a busy restaurant and people were laughing and Christmas music was playing and I was wearing my fabulous charcoal grey peacoat. Felt like a movie. I love Christmas.

Spending time with D tonight brought back all kinds of emotions. She was friends with me when I was mom to J, when I was building my house, she helped unpack my house, Christmas parties, bbq's, spa trips, all kinds of good memories. I'm thankful she's in my life once again. Nothing like good friends to remind you where you've been and be excited for where you're going.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I get that passed down from Nana and my Mom. This Christmas is going to be a lot different for a few reasons and I'm trying to remind myself why we celebrate the season. Nothing like removing the "stuff" whether by choice or not to get down to the real reason for the incredible season.

Bears on the mantle, homemade pj's, made from scratch cinnamon rolls, Christmas Eve church, movies, dinner, stockings, gifts, laughter, music....there won't be as many players in our festivities this year and it's hard not to be sad and miss those that won't be celebrating with us this year but it just serves as another reminder what we need to pray for, be thankful for and look forward to.

This year my "bear" may be standing alone but my mom is thrifty. I know somewhere there is a boxful of another bear and baby bears waiting for their spot on the mantle.

I'm thankful today for family, friends and traditions. I hope everyone reading this is filled with the Christmas spirit and whether it's a year of family traditions, new or old, that you're surrounded by people you love!


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