Sunday, February 7, 2010

Answers, please reveal theyselves!

I have good friends. They saw me through a really strange week. I was busy last week with dinner dates and concerts and parties and football. A week spent with friends doing fun things. IT was a good week. With some major emotional crap thrown in for good measure.

Still don't understand what happened to Guitar man, driving me a little mad. Roloff rolled off. Other guy I welcomed in and he hauled butt. My story isn't pretty but it's part of who I am and I wont let my past dictate my future. I wont. If I say it enough it's supposed to work. Right?!!

I'm going to bed with a better attitude. Things will be better tomorrow. They will be clearer and they will make more sense. I'll be able to let go of the things holding me back and walk through the doors that are open for me.

Guys can go to the wayside. They are nothing more than a distraction tangled in emotions, Right now my focus is on me and where God wants me to be.

I will find that job.
I will find that right man.
I will stop speaking negatively about myself
I will continue to pray with answers and rejoice when they come to me.

God is good and God is faithful. This week is going to hold some answers and I'm going to go find them!!

Just wait til you hear my answers being shouted from my house. With a big WOO HOO!!!


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