Friday, February 5, 2010

Will love find me here?

There's a song that I love that has a line "Love will find you where you are..." Does love come to crazy town??

Tonight I was reminded of a few things. My parents are loved and appreciated by many. We had a UK alumni reception for the president of UK. I was told by many, separately "You're cute, but you're parents are ad0rable." I know. One of my best friends came up to me and told me that it was freaking him out that he kept mistaking my mom for me. It's fun having more wrinkles than my mom. Really.

I'm blessed. More than I can express on here. And it warms my heart that outsiders can appreciate and love who my parents are. I lucked out in that department. As one lady put it, which honestly I don't understand but probably some others will..I'm living the life of Riley?! If that means that I have amazing parents, then yes. Yes I am.

It's hard going to Ponte Vedra. That's where J and J moved after they moved out of my house. And it was always a status of "We live in PVB." It was hard for me to get past. I had to drive past J's school many times for sales calls that I knew he was inside the building I was driving past and it took a lot out of me. Knowing they don't live there made it easier to be there.

I want the TPC lifestyle. Call it a pipe dream but I want it. I think I deserve it. 5 years ago I could have afforded it and then some but chose to live below my means. Now I don't have a job or much of anything else if I'm being honest but being in that environment tonight reminded me that I have dreams and goals and aspirations. And it's not coming from a pretension side of me it's coming from a different side of me...I want better than I have and I'll have it.

Will love come to me? I guess the answer to that is yes. I'm praying and believing and I know that I'll have my heart's desires. It doesn't have to be a house in PVB. I'll be ok with tickets to TPC...

Wherever I am, I'm growing. I'm knocking down walls and opening up...Love will find where I am. Wherever I am!

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