Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gluten and Drama free

Exhausted? Check. Nauseous? Check. Bloated? Check. Anxiety and stress? Check check. So apparently the culprit may be gluten. Who knew? As per the article I read I have all the symptoms (ALL) and so if I cut out the evil wheat then I'm going to have more energy, be less anxious and lose weight. Fabulous. Holding my breath...

Annoyed? Yes. Exhausted? Yes. Stressed? Yes. Frustrated and Over it? Yes andYes. So apparently I'm allergic to dating losers as well. I'm supposed to get rid of the emotionally unstable, ego driven, narcissistic munsons. And that shall reduce drama. Which it kind of already has. I've decided that men can take me on a date if they want to get to know me. Novel concept, I know. No more spur of the moment meeting for a drink or a quick bite. Date. Scheduled in advance in a nice setting conducive to conversation and witty banter. And if they are a repeat offender, I mean dater, then they must take me on a non conventional date. As I have a lot of seat fillers I'm hoping to weed through them fairly quickly.

SO, no wheat or gluteny things, no dramatic or emotional men. Will be an interesting study. Was my sick stomach and exhaustion paired with stress and anxiety a result of crackers and bread or bad men choices....

We'll see. Thankfully red wine is safe on both fronts!

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