Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Enough is enough

I feel as though I've taken up permanent residence in bizarre land.

This morning I got word that my friend who found out 2 weeks ago that he had leukemia had passed away. I was in shock and then I was a mess. I had tried calling him a few days ago and his phone was disconnected. All kinds of thoughts went through my head.

I then find out through another friend that someone had talked to his parents and he is alive, that it was a sick joke. There is a tribute page on Facebook that talks about him dying from leukemia after a short battle, there's pictures of him, people leaving comments.....???????

Should I be sad for the death of a friend of mine or furious that he's alive and someone would do this?

Satan is trying really hard to make me feel like I'm losing my mind. I have some crazy stuff that happens to me but this has gone beyond ridiculous.

Hopefully he hasn't passed on and this is just a really sick joke from a very demented person. And will be Chapter 18 in my book and he and I will laugh as we read it together.

The rate my life is going it's going to be a 5 part series...

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