Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can someone stop the ride?

What a weird 2 days I've had. Found out that a guy I considered a friend faked cancer and maybe his own death. Uh huh, welcome to my life. Who does that? I have gone through every emotion imaginable and yesterday I was half sad, half furious and today after learning the truth, I'm just really confused?! Because I don't even know the truth aside from "He doesn't have leukemia and he isn't dead." Maybe he didn't fake his own death but c'mon, he knows how many people are worried and wondering. Really..

I mean, seriously, who fakes cancer? I have had so many people praying for this man. None of this story makes any sense, it's like I'm watching a really bad episode of Days of Our Lives, starring me!

It makes no sense. He has kids, parents, family, friends, a good life it seemed. Is he really that low of a man that he would tell me he had leukemia and then just go MIA when someone posted a tribute page to him? Did someone hog tie him and take his phone and send out lies and are holding him captive? Is he running from a loan shark? Absolutely crazy! And maddening.

And to top it off I got stood up for a phone interview today. And I guess I kind of thought I was getting stood up in a way from guitar man because he just stopped all communication. After he told me he had cancer. And then I found out that he faked it. Really. Who does that?!

I'm going to wake up tomorrow and hear that someone really demented stole his phone and forced him to tell these lies because I can't let myself believe my con man detector is still malfunctioning!

I am trying really hard to keep a sense of humor and continue to believe that this is where God wants me. But I seriously need off the crazy train!!

Oh and apparently some people think it's weird that I blog and share so much of my life. Yes, it probably is. But who can keep all this to themselves?

Karma is a bad bad thing...

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