Sunday, February 28, 2010

Control Freak say What??

I used to have a dream, usually when I was stressed out about something aside of my control, that my teeth fell out. I'd wake up in a panic. After the years of torture I spent with a mouth full of metal, my smile emerged as one of my finest assets. I certainly don't take it for granted. I was always curious as to why I had that dream. Dr Phil had a segment about it on a show and said that people have that dream when they are control freaks, perfectionists, and/or vain. Check, check, check check check. The reasoning as I remember is that you can't control whether your teeth fall out and when you're trying to control other circumstances that's sometimes how your dream manifest that.

Not feeling great today. Fighting the swine, or allergies, or something so I spent a good portion of the day drinking cold medicine and sleeping. I was thinking during one of my bouts of being awake that tomorrow being Monday I could call Richard Tues to find out the details about the job. The I fell asleep and proceeded to dream, over the course of my 2 hour nap, that every single tooth in my head fell out. I"ve never had that dream. Usually just a tooth here and there. Toothless. Woke up in a panic and pulling on every tooth to make sure they were in good and tight. Who's obviously having some control issues?

But with that being said, I'm quite proud of the patience I've shown. I'm far from being accused of having an over abundance of it, but the Missy of Ole would have called Richard Sat morning, whether he was in Vegas or not. And I've not been cranky, moody or irrational.

Growth. That's what that is!

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