Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nascar, Bleh

SO It was fun. Because I was there with fun people. Don't get me wrong, loved the first 5 laps. But 250?! Seriously? I don't get it. Just don't get it. I guess I'm just a football and basketball gal. I'm happy I went thought. Next stop...Keeneland. At least you get to dress up there and I'm pretty sure the horses don't go 250 laps.

Tomorrow starts a new week and with that comes new, exciting possibilities. No gluten, no dumb guys, going after new volunteer potentials and going to find a job. THIS WEEK!! Something good will happen. Banking on it, believing it, and speaking it as thought it will happen!!

I'm in a good place. Have great family, have great friends, happy with where God has lead me thus far. Looking forward, REALLY looking forward, to see where God takes me next. Really looking forward to God leading me somewhere. Soon. Like tomorrow...

Still working on patience. Clearly!!


  1. Keeneland... my personal version of Hell.

  2. AW you love horses. And chicken wings, with lots of bones!