Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer Warriors...

Please pray for Bryce Williams. He's the 9 year old grandson of a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with bone cancer in Jan. They found out yesterday that he will have to have his leg amputated in March. He's also back in the hospital as his fever spiked. He's having a rough time. I can't imagine the fear and pain and helplessness their family is facing. His parents are Shane and Michelle and his little sister is Savannah.

I know the healing power of prayer. Many people in my family, my mom being one, has been healed of cancer. I know we can't do much to make this easier on them but from reading her online journal I know they feel the prayers of so many. And it's pulling them through.

This week has been full of sad news. Some friends of our family passed away, some were expected some unexpected. Doesn't make it easier either way. Makes you realize how precious life and health are and really puts things in perspective. Tell your family and friends how much you love them and make up with someone you've had disagreements with. Life's too short and sickness and disease are unfair. It's the people going through it with you that means the most.

Xoxo and Godbless!

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