Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Best friend to the rescue...

At Whitney's. Love these people. Seriously, she's why I'm sane. And I say that tongue in cheek because I'm half past crazy. But nothing to do with her. Obviously.

It's been a wild and crazy few days. I've had guys I'm talking to from both ends of the spectrum, literally, and I'm trying to figure out what and who is best for me. It's a total crap shoot when you're dating who is going to pan out, or make you happy, or make you better, or more crazy, but it's always entertaining if nothing else.

Talked to the boss man tonight and as much as it seems to others that I might be getting the run around, his story has remained consistent and he's been honest with me from the start. As I've said, my sense of urgency to start was yesterday, his has been when the time is right. Which is a big fat lesson in itself.

I'm happy with my life. Suffice it to say I'd be happier if certain things were in order and less chaotic but I can't dismiss the good that is in my life. Spending time with your best friend is a really great mirror and reminder of who you've been, where you're going and what you're becoming.

My life is crazy. Always chaotic and never, never short on really entertaining stories. Can't say I'd change it. I'll be better when I'm settled with the right job, the right man, and the right story book chapters but even as I right that I was going to say story book ending. It's not. It's a constant progression of learning, growing, and evolving.

I may not be exactly where I want to be or anticipated but I couldn't be happier with the people who are on this journey of crazy I'm on.

I'm blessed, I'm loved and I have an amazing best friend who makes me feel like everything is going to be ok!!

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