Saturday, April 10, 2010

Makeover time

I need a new look. Or a new something. I don't feel comfortable changing my hair color, did that once and it was a disaster. Took 6 months and an "Aw Miss, nooo!!!!" Not really comfortable cutting it much either. Last time I wanted something different the guy I went to made me look like the lost member of Duran Duran. Took a good 9 months to grow out that mullet. I'm kind of boring in the hair department I guess. Plus the last thing I need to be spending my money on is my hair. I need Megan to get down here again and teach me how to back tease. I thought I was good at it. That girl can tease some hair!!

I've got the restless feeling of needing to be busy, unfortunately that's not coupled with wanting to be productive. SO off to the treadmill, still waiting for that elusive runner's high.

I'll believe it when I feel it!


  1. Colored eyeliner. Bottom only! Small change, big payoff! :)

  2. Will have to try!! Bring on more tips!

  3. Put a light, shimmery shadow along the bottom and the corners of your eyes before the eyeliner. :)

    When pulling your hair back, add a braid to your pony (not the tail, braided, but a strand or two inside the hair that's pulled back), super cute if you aren't comfy braiding back your bangs!

    Cuffed jean capri's, a white tee and a cute cardigan in a gray or black is super cute w/ wedges. Check out Charlotte Russe for cute cardi's/cover-ups for CHEAP!