Monday, April 19, 2010

Well well well...

Interesting how things play out. It's raining men. Of course. Never fails, feast or famine. Will never understand that. I met a guy the other night and we went to dinner tonight. Super nice, funny, loves his family, guy. And hot. But anyhow, was nice to be asked on a date. Was even nicer being asked out on a 2nd date at the end of first date. And even nicer that he's going to go with me on my friends birthday boating day Say. Yay for unexpected surprises in the way of a nice guy.

Dad's doing pretty well from his surgery. Thanks for everyone's prayers and concern. I'm calling him RoboDad with all his new parts holding him together. He should be on his way to good as new by retirement.

Some people I just don't understand. My heart is heavy for some things and people right now so I continue to do what I know to do and pray. For their heart's, for my heart, for the circumstances and situations. God will take care of it. He always does.

My confidence is showing her face again. Last few weeks have been tough. This week I see that my life really does have meaning, and a plan, and as frustrating and heartbreaking and lonely as waiting is, there's a reason. I can't figure it out, drove myself crazy trying. So I guess that is the lesson in waiting. Not your job to figure it out, just your job to keep moving. Keep believing and keep going.

I have all these balls in the air and I'd like to say I'm juggling them but I'm not. And honestly I've been waiting for them to drop. And that does nothing but cause anxiety. Everything I've been through was for some reason. Everything I've not gotten has been because something better was around the corner. Everything I've been hoping and dreaming and waiting for is out there, up in the air right now, and when the time is right, I'll be able to catch them and know what to do with them.

I'm still in the, wondering what the heck my life is about to reveal portion of this chapter, but it's ok. I'll never stop being curious, hopefully will stop being so impatient and will never stop believing that my best days, my husband, my job, my kids and my best life is ahead of me. How far ahead I dont know. But it's there. The more I move forward the closer it comes.

So, that's all. Going to put on my jogging shoes now!! xo

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