Monday, March 8, 2010

Answers. Kind of...

So I talked to the guy today and got some news. But first I kind of had a mini meltdown. I was called a hot head this weekend by a friend. But in the most lovingly of ways. Kind of accurate.

Emailed back and forth with the guy I interviewed with. His email to me at one point was something like "the position you interviewed for has some some internal issues so it's getting pushed back for a start date but if you're interested in relocation I would like to talk to you about another position." So I tell that to Whit, decide to email the guy, although I was a smidge (smidge, uh huh) disappointed I decide to tell him that I'm interested in talking to him about it. During my interview he had asked me my thoughts on relocating. I hesitated and told him that if the circumstances were right I had no problem moving. He said by circumstances you mean if the money was really great you'd go? And I said yes.

So I'm in the middle of responding to his email saying I'd like to discuss this opportunity when for some reason I scrolled down on my blackberry and saw that I had missed the rest of his email. It said that the original position I had interviewed for wasn't going to be available for 30-40 days and I was still being highly considered for the position but he didn't want to make me wait that long without an update and he had this other position he wanted to talk to me about.

SO, I emailed him and said I was most interested in the original position and the 30-40 days wasn't an issue (thank you tax refund) but I'd be open to talking to him about the other position that included relocating. I'm talking to him Wed at 1030.

I wanted an answer and I got one. It wasn't a start date but it was encouraging none the less and I feel like this is the company that I will be working for, job is yet to be decided.

I'm excited about the possibilities. Maybe it will be here and travel. Maybe it will be in a new city or state. Whatever the outcome, I feel like I'll have a job with an exciting company and maybe I'll be going somewhere to start over or maybe I'll just be starting over where I'm at.

Either way, I'm ok....

Today is my best friends bday. Happy Birthday Whit. I spent the day with her and her 2 adorable kids and will spend a few more days being entertained by Trey, Arden and Whit. No better way to pass the time til Wed than with my best friend and enjoying her kids.

I'm blessed. The more I think about it the more I realize it. I have amazingly supportive people in my corner all rooting for me to succeed. And I know that I will.

So, did I get the answer I wanted. Kind of. I just wanted to know that I was at least being considered. And now I'm being considered for 2 positions. Both of which, I'm sure, will be exciting.

I'm a happy girl!

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