Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More head honchos?? Bring it....!! Oh, and butterflies too

I'm seeing them all over the place. Dad brought one in to me today when I was feeling pretty down. He was planting flowers and one flew over to him.

My meeting with the National Sales Director and a few others got pushed back from today to 9am in the morning.

Not sure what they want from me so I'm going to go in bold, courageous, confident, knowledgeable and maybe a bit more forthright than normal as I am beyond ready to get the pomp and circumstance over and start the job. So I'm wearing a smart suit that still looks sassy and going in charming and ready to knock em dead and have them eating out of my hands with them asking Richard why he hasn't had me start already??!

In all seriousness, well that was serious and honest, however, I'll also be humble because frankly they are the ones that will be paying me so I'm not going to act like I own the joint. I'll just be the best that I can be, bring my A game and show them who I am and what I offer. I'm confident it will be enough for them as it was for Richard.

I'm going to nail it, going to walk in with my head held high and the knowledge that it's not Richard, Mark, Owner Man's decision....this is being orchestrated by someone much more powerful than them. And HE has my best He wants to give me. They can maybe drag it out and test my will and try to crack me but as I have said before, HAHAHAHAHA, he has no idea who he's dealing with. I won't be moved, I won't be shaken.

Soon, though, I'll be employed and on my way!!

Blessed, confident, eager and ready!

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