Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tomorrow's the day...

I got an email today from boss man and he wanted to talk today instead of tomorrow. Good talk...

Spent the day at the outlets with Whit and the kids. Whit had Arden in the baby bjorn I had Trey in the monkey backpack. He thought it would be fun in Heartstrings, as mom is shopping for Easter outfits, to roll himsel up in the the backpack, monkey on a string.. He would roll himself up then drop on the floor an unroll himself. I was dying laughing, as was Whit. So fun. Then I went to Nine West and got the hottest pair of shoes to wear to my interview tomorrow.

So I'm talking to boss man, telling him of how great I am and how I will exceed at this position and after laughter and conversation he asks me to come in at 230 tomorrow for a face to face to "put some offers on the table."

I don't know if I'm best suited for a relo position or for the traveling position that I'm gunning for but I know this much...1. Boss man likes me, as he told me 10 times on the phone, 2. I'm well suited for either position and 3. That I'm soon going to be employed.

I got some hot new shoes, painted my nails and have my outfit picked of for my big face to face. However it goes, I know, this will be where I'm best suited for, and where I'll soar to success.

That I got to share it with my best friend is a plus. God is good. always!

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