Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My time has come. WOO HOO!

Richard emailed me today. Totally unexpected and totally excited me to where I about peed! He asked me if we had discussed money. I email him back and said yes, I remember it was big bucks. He emailed back and asked what we had discussed so I told him and he asked, again, if I was prepared for a really challenging position and I responded that yes, I was still ready for the challenges and opportunities that we'd discussed and was ready to start as soon as he was ready for me to. He emailed me back and said he'd be back in town Wed night, to call him Thurs morning. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!

So beyond excited and ready. Spent the day with Whit and the kids and spending the night and day here tomorrow. Then headed back for girl's night tomorrow night, calling Richard Thursday morning, watching UK game Thurs night and hoping to have job offer that starts next week! Or if the week after, I'm ok with that too.

My life is falling into place!! I'm just so beyond ready for this new chapter to start. New apartment, new job, new cities, states, travels, new life, new me!! YAY!!! I've waited faithfully. I waited patiently (uh huh) and I've waited expectantly. I'm so proud of myself. I'm so proud of this job and I'm so proud that I'll be on my own feet again, out in my own life.

God is good. All the time. Family is there, always. Friends are there, most important to my sanity. I hope that this year continues to bring healing, changes, opportunity, and blessings to me, my family, my friends. I'm blessed. Beyond what I deserve but never beyond what I expected. When those who told me to take a job, any job, beggers can't be choosers...I was willing to go where God wanted me to go. But in the true form of the God I know and love, he has better than we expect for ourselves, if we're willing to go the distance.

I've gone the distance, I've ran the race. I'm looking forward to the prize at the end. A job that challenges me, keeps me busy in places I've never been and gives me a paycheck.

My cup, it runneth over!!

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