Monday, March 29, 2010

It's raining men, of course

I decide that my focus is going to be on my new career. That hasn't started. Yet. But once it does, I've decided that I'll be too busy and on the road and traveling and blah blah blah to date. And so of course over the past few days the men have been coming out of the wood works. I'm not complaining, just funny how life works sometimes.

I talked to Richard over the weekend and told him I'd touch base with him Wed morning to finalize a start date (he wanted someone bold, I'm giving him bold.) I'd be ok if he told me April 5 or April 25. As long as I know what to expect then I can better deal with it.

Drove by a school this morning and all these moms were walking their kids to school. J's age. I don't know if I only see the young boys and the girls are kind of blurred out or if there are really just that many 6/7 yr old blond boys around town. But it's a test every time I see boys that age to not panic, run and cry. But I'm handling it. Got through his birthday. Next is Mother's Day I guess but I'll get through that as well. I always do. I'm just hyper sensitive right now. This too shall pass.

I really have no idea what direction my life is taking. 3 weeks ago I thought it was starting a new career that would jump start a new life. But then I meet new people that make me think about singing, blogging, guys, friends...Not that I think my life is going to take off in a direction of a singing blogger, but it's been a reminder to not box yourself in. Life is what happens between the chapter titles. I'm pretty good at naming the chapters, I need to start living the pages in between.

Work in progress. There are things I hate about myself that seem to be highlighted in my mind right now, I know it's Satan. So I don't dwell. I recognize and move on. And I am. Moving forward. The past year has been about me moving on. And this year is about me moving forward...

Blessed, if not somewhat cranky, and ready for big changes! xo

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